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Residential window tinting installation available in the Pittsburgh PA tri-state area. Other areas available depending on the scope of the project. Please contact us to see if we are available for a professional installation in your area.

Windows are an essential part of all homes. Some homes even use large windows and glass doors as distinctive architectural features.

Unfortunately, ordinary window and door glass allow the sun's heat and glare to penetrate inside the living area, resulting in higher energy bills, faded interiors, and occupant discomfort. Our SUN-GARD solar control window films help tame the undesirable effects of the sun.

window tinting Window and door glass are also the most vulnerable part of every home. They offer easy access points for criminals and violent weather, and inviting targets for vandals. Glass is also a safety hazard when people, pets, or stray golf balls break it. Our GLASS-GARD window films help hold shattered glass together, providing a safer and more secure home and reducing potential property loss and personal injury.

SUN-GARD and GLASS-GARD window films are a small investment that pays dividends for many years.


SUN-GARD Solar Control Window Films

Lowers Energy Bills. SUN-GARD films are a micro-thin, but highly effective, layer of insulation that prevent up to 78% of the sun's heat from passing through ordinary glass. Energy consumption is measurably reduced during the summer months because air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. The films also reduce energy consumption during the cold months, albeit to a lesser degree, by helping to prevent heat loss through the glass.

Slows Fading of Furniture. The sun's invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat are the principle culprits that cause furnishings, floor and window coverings, artwork, and family photographs to fade. SUN-GARD films block out 95-99% of the UV-A rays that penetrate clear window glass, whereas the glass by itself blocks out only about 33%. This additional UV blocking power, in combination with the heat rejection, slows down the fading process and keeps things looking new.

Increases Occupant Comfort and Health. SUN-GARD films help to eliminate "hot spots" that frequently exist in rooms that receive the greatest sun exposure. They also reduce the sun's glare, permitting occupants to enjoy the views and reducing annoying reflections on TV and computer screens. Less UV radiation comes through the glass too, which is a benefit to those concerned about skin cancer and accelerated skin aging.

Enhances Home Appearance. SUN-GARD film is available in several color tones that can enhance the appearance of most homes. Also, the heat and glare reduction capabilities of window films reduce the need to close window blinds and drapes, helping to give the exterior of the home a more open and uniform appearance.

Increases Privacy. Window film makes it more difficult for people to see in your home during the day, adding a sense of privacy and security.

A large selection of residential films is available to meet your needs. We are prepared to help you select the optimum window film for your needs and to install it professionally. We have the following choices available.

Premium Performance: Nova and Oasis Series. These films are our best because they provide a high level of heat and glare reduction without resorting to darker shades. They achieve their superior solar management properties solely with metals deposited on the film by a technically sophisticated process called sputtering. Because they can take a beating from the sun and retain their original appearance for a longer time, these films carry the most comprehensive warranty.

Preferred Performance: The Decorator, Blue, Gray, and Bronze Series. These very popular films achieve their excellent solar control properties by use of vapor deposited metals and dyes. They offer the benefits of solar control film for a more economical price.


GLASS-GARD Safety & Security Window Films

Offers Cost Effective Safety Glazing. When people accidentally collide with ordinary annealed glass the shards can inflict serious injury. But with GLASS-GARD film applied to the glass, the dangerous shards are rendered much less harmful because the pieces are held together on the film by powerful adhesives. And it is usually less costly and quicker to apply a GLASS-GARD film than it is to reglaze a window with tempered safety glass. Our films meet the following safety glazing standards:

  • American National Standards Institute.ANSI Z 97.1 Unlimited.
  • Consumer Products Safety Commission: CPSC 16. CFR 1201, Category I & II.
  • British Standards 6206.
  • 476 Building Official Code Association: BOCA Safety Glazing Standard.

Deters Intruders. Window and door glass is the favorite target of burglars, vandals, and other intruders. After GLASS-GARD film is applied, it takes repeated blows to the glass with a heavy implement to create an opening large enough for a person to pass through. It is the rare criminal who hangs around long enough to gain entry, especially if your residence is equipped with a security alarm system. The heaviest duty GLASS-GARD film meets the rigorous European DIN A-1 and A-3 impact resistance standards.
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Helps Tame Nature's Fury. The tremendous windspeed of hurricanes and tornadoes, and the wind borne debris that accompany them, can blow out window glass and leave an opening through which wind and rain can wreak havoc to a home's interior. Earthquake tremors also frequently shatter window glass miles from the epicenter. Shattered glass can become dangerous projectiles that pose serious danger to those inside, and increases the risk of injuries during evacuation after a disaster strikes.

GLASS-GARD window films hold window glass in place after breakage, keeping out the weather elements and reducing the chances of personal injury and property damage. Unlike storm shutters or simple plywood window coverings that must be put into place in advance of a forecasted storm, GLASS-GARD films are on duty 24 hours a day and can therefore cope with natural disasters that occur with little or no advance warning.

GLASS-GARD film passes the Dade County Small Missile Impact Test, a standard created after the devastation created in Southeast Florida by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

GLASS-GARD films are available in varying thicknesses depending on your safety and security objectives. GLASS-GARD films come in clear versions, which are virtually invisible after proper installation, and in tinted versions that offer as a bonus, the solar control benefits of SUN-GARD films.


Excellent Factory Warranties on All Films in addition to Installation Warranties. Ask for details.




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