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window tinting Commercial window tinting installation available in the Pittsburgh PA tri-state area. Other areas available depending on the scope of the project. Please contact us to see if we are available for a professional installation in your area.

Window and door glass is a prominent and essential part of all offices, storefronts, and public buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools and government facilities. However, ordinary glass allows the sun's heat and glare to penetrate into the building, resulting in higher energy bills, faded interiors, and occupant discomfort. Our SUN-GARD solar control window films help tame the undesirable effects of the sun.

Glass is also the weakest part of every building's exterior, providing easy access points for criminals, vandals, violent weather, and explosive forces. Our GLASS-GARD window films help hold shattered glass together, providing a safer and more secure building, and reducing potential property loss and personal injury.

SUN-GARD and GLASS-GARD films are a small investment that pays dividends for many years.


SUN-GARD Solar Control Window Film

window tinting in action
1/8" Plain Glass
window tinting in action
1/8" Tinted Glass
window tinting in action
1/8" Glass with Sun-Gard

Lowers Energy Bills. SUN-GARD films are a micro-thin, but highly effective, layer of insulation that prevent up to 76% of the sun's heat from passing through ordinary window glass into the building. Energy consumption is measurably reduced during the summer months because air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. The films also reduce energy consumption during the cold months, albeit to a smaller extent, by helping prevent heat loss through the glass.

Slows Fading of Interior Property. The sun's invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat are the principal culprits that cause furnishings, floor and window coverings, and storefront displays to fade. SUN-GARD films block out 95-99% of the UV-A rays that penetrate clear window glass, whereas the glass by itself blocks out only about 33%. This additional UV blocking power, in combination with the heat rejection, slows down the fading process and keeps things looking new.

Increases Occupant Comfort and Health. SUN-GARD films reduce the sun's annoying glare and help to eliminate "hot spots" that frequently exist on building faces that receive the greatest sun exposure. This can mean greater employee productivity and more satisfied building tenants. Employees that work near windows also receive less UV radiation exposure, which is the principal cause of skin cancer and accelerated skin aging.


GLASS-GARD Safety and Security Window Film

Protects Against Vandals. Vandals have "fun" throwing rocks or bricks though windows. They enjoy defacing glass by scratching it with an object such as an automobile key. GLASS-GARD Vandal Protection Film can be applied to the exterior face of the window. Exterior application permits the film to absorb the damage, often leaving the glass undamaged and avoiding the need for costly glass replacement.

Helps Tame Nature's Fury. The tremendous windspeed of hurricanes and tornadoes, and the wind borne debris that accompany them, can blow out window glass and leave an opening through which wind and rain can wreak havoc to a building's interior. Earthquake tremors also frequently shatter window glass miles from the epicenter. Shattered glass can become dangerous projectiles that pose serious danger to those inside, and increases the risk of injuries during evacuation after a disaster strikes.

GLASS-GARD window films hold window glass in place after breakage, keeping out the weather elements and reducing the chances of personal injury and property damage. Unlike storm shutters or simple plywood window coverings that must be put into place in advance of a forecasted storm, GLASS-GARD films are on duty 24 hours a day and can therefore cope with natural disasters that occur with little or no advance warning.

GLASS-GARD film passes the Dade County Small Missile Impact Test, a standard created after the devastation created in Southeast Florida by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Mitigates Explosive Forces. The devastation caused by terrorist attacks on buildings such as the U.S. Air Force facility in Saudi Arabia, the Oklahoma City Justice Center, and the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania have been well publicized. Less well known is that studies have shown that shattered glass was a contributing factor to the large number of injuries and deaths in these tragedies.

Government agencies, military forces, law enforcement authorities, and multinational corporations all over the world rely on security window films as part of their front line defense against bomb explosions. No window glass can withstand a large explosive force detonated nearby, but GLASS-GARD window films can mitigate the hazards. Tests conducted by an independent laboratory in accordance with a U.S.government agency bomb blast testing standard, verify that GLASS-GARD heavy duty security film, when properly anchored to the window frame, reduces the hazard of flying glass substantially.

GLASS-GARD films are available in varying thicknesses depending on your safety and security objectives. GLASS-GARD films come in clear versions, that are virtually invisible after proper installation, and in tinted versions that offer as a bonus, the solar control benefits of SUN-GARD films.


Excellent Factory Warranties on All Films in addition to Installation Warranties. Ask for details.




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