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Window Tinting Energy Savings Case Studies

A major Pittsburgh bank hi-rise building faced directly south and without any other buildings blocking the view, ate up the afternoon sun from noon to well beyond quitting time. Each floor contained many 10' x 8' plate glass windows. When they turned on the full air-conditioning force in the late morning just to try to maintain some coolness, the inner offices were too cool for comfort. At our suggestion, the bank took two side by side offices of one window each and shut them down for several days. SunShield applied our sun control film to one of the offices. We then provided recording thermometers.

Result: The difference in the two room temperatures was so significant that the bank authorized SunShield to install our film on the entire southern exposure of the building.

A major hospital in the Pittsburgh area had recently remodeled and installed gray Solartint glass in the entire hospital. Solartint glass windows are a fairly effective sun energy reducer. During the first two winters, there were ongoing and numerous complaints that visitors to patients rooms were experiencing cold drafts on their feet. Since the windows were in a fixed position and could not be opened, it presented quite a mystery. The plant engineer decided to call in SunShield, the energy consultants. We found that heat was being blown across the rooms at the ceiling level toward the windows. The theory is that the glass would be cold and in effect the heat would 'catch' the coldness of the air before it could affect the room temperature. In fact, what was happening was that when the warm air hit the ice-cold windows, it chilled significantly and, as cold air does, it dropped to the floor. Since it was continuously moving air, there was no other place for it to travel except across the floor (and the visitors' feet) and thence out to the hallways. We applied a reverse strategy. We suggested that we install sun control film on two of the already built-in Solartint windows. Since the film ordinarily rejects the heat of the sun, so it would also return warm air back into the room instead of the air that is significantly chilled by the ice cold window.

Result: The SunShield Pros were contracted to install their sun control film on every window of the hospital.

A classy shoe emporium in Pittsburgh's East Hill's section carried a line of very expensive alligator leather boots. They were concerned about the effects of the sun's ultra violet rays on their window display of the boots. They didn't want any type of tinting on the window. SunShield recommended that Clear 90 film be installed which would eliminate 99+% of the ultra violet rays and yet be unnoticeable on the windows. Installation was completed on a Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we received a call from the store management. They weren't sure whether to laugh or cry about their newly treated window. It seems that about 4:30 Saturday morning, one of the locals decided that he just had to have those alligator boots. He apparently took a red brick and smashed at the window. Although it cracked, the film held all the glass together and prevented shattering. At 4:45 when the police arrived, the culprit was still standing at the window and hitting it with the red brick.

Result: The SunShielded window prevented a burglary. Even the alligator thief apparently wasn't as tough as the SunShielded window.





Comparative Performance Data Charts

The following chart data is derived using information on latitude, length of summer and winter season, percentage of sunshine and average seasonal temperature from:
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Climatic Atlas of the United States
  • National Weather Service
    Information from various U.S. locations

SunShield Performance Chart A       SunShield Performance Chart B       SunShield Performance Chart C
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Window Tinting Energy Savings Case Studies