Decorative Window Film

  "Decorative Window Film"   in over 150 different patterns and shades that is easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. Use our decorative window film to diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy and security glass in a number of attractive patterns.

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You know what we mean, right?

You work right by an office window, or even worse still, your office is all windows. You have to put up with the heat and the glare umpteen hours every week. And the air-conditioning is about as effective as a warm beer.

But you needn't put up with this sort of treatment when you're working. All you need to know is Sun-Shield, the thermal window insulation you can see through. Give us a call and you won't melt from the sun like the unfortunate man in the animation to your left.
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Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is a proven product that the SunShield Window Tinting Professionals added to their window tinting film selections back in 2003. Translucent decorative window film is a useful choice for windows where you want privacy but still want to let the sun shine in. Available in many patterns, decorative window film can add the rich look of stained glass windows to your building, be it commercial or residential. Decorative window film is an excellent option when thinking about installing stained glass windows. Decorative window film will give you the look of stained glass windows at a fraction of the cost.


Decorative Window Film Choices

  • Stripes Decorative Window Film
    When the room calls for stripes, this is the place to go. We have all kinds of stripes. Vertical, horizontal, fat, skinny, bold, subdued, you name it, we have it!

  • Squares Decorative Window Film
    Being called a square is the best thing that could happen to you with these films. There are times when nothing is better than a plain old square - or the not so plain square. Check out this page and we think you will agree that being square has never been better.

  • Faux Stained Glass Decorative Window Film
    Time was when only the very rich could afford to have the look of stained glass. Our films have changed all of that. Now everyone can afford the elegant look of stained glass.

  • Frosted Decorative Window Film
    Nothing says class like a classy frosted window. And never before has it been so easy to have so much class! Perfect for office windows, bathroom windows and more.

  • Metal Lens Decorative Window Film
    Want an ultra modern contemporary look? Be the envy of the neighborhood with these stylish designs.

  • Blackout / Whiteout Decorative Window Film
    Have a need to black out everything? Your solution is right here. Keep out all light with these opaque window films.

  • Floral Patterns Decorative Window Film
    Flowers, flowers, everywhere there are flowers. If you love the natural beauty of flowers you will absolutely love our floral designs.

  • Ornate Patterns Decorative Window Film

  • Rippled Glass Patterns Decorative Window Film
    Rippled glass is a very old art form that is exquisitely duplicated with these designs.

  • Ice / Water Patterns Decorative Window Film
    You can feel the cold and the rain with these icy patterns. Any time you need to cool the temperature all you need to do is take a quick glance at these designs.

  • Solid Color Decorative Window Film

  • Sea Patterns Decorative Window Film
    Silver seashells in a traditional pearly design or colorful fish in a contemporary stained glass design offer the nautical motif you are looking for.

  • Rice Paper Decorative Window Film
    Bring the Orient home with the look of rice paper. Five different styles of rice paper make it easy to complement any color scheme that you may have.

  • Contemporary Patterns Decorative Window Film

  • Novelty / Children Decorative Window Film
    Fluffy white clouds on a blue sky, a smiling moon at night, and a magical train floating across the sky, meadows full of flowers - these are designs that adults and children alike fall in love with. Perfect for a nursery, a child's bedroom or playroom.

  • Beveled Accent Tape Decorative Window Film
    Set off your windows with our new beveled tape that gives your windows the look of cut glass.


Commercial Window Tinting Film

Commercial window tinting film reduces energy costs and preserves the commercial buildings interior from sun damage, but also helps reduce insurance costs by making the building more difficult to break into and making the building safer in case of glass breakage. Glass tinting using SunShield window tinting film is an excellent form of glass treatment that will pay dividends for years to come.


Residential Home Window Tinting Film

Residential or home window tinting film helps to reduce your energy consumption costs while at the same time adding years of life to your furnishings. Clear glass tinting film is almost impossible to detect by the human eye but provides all of the above benefits. One additional benefit is that the view looking out of your windows will be enhanced. You will be amazed at how our glass tinting film will make it easier to look out of your windows without any glare. Make sure you consider glass tinting film in your window treatment plans.


Do It Yourself Window Tinting Film

A do it yourself window tinting kit is available for those of you who want to do it yourself. If you are handy with do it yourself projects around the home, then our do it yourself glass tinting kit may be just the thing for you. Many do it yourselfers have had excellent results installing their own window tinting film.


Professional Window Tinting Installation

The SunShield Window Tinting Professionals are here to help you make the best choice in window tinting film. Whether you need glass tinting film for decorative, privacy, sun control, heat control or safety purposes, the SunShield Window Tinting Professionals are here to help you. Located in Pittsburgh PA / Pennsylvania, the SunShield Glass Tinting Professionals will provide a professional installation of our high quality glass tinting film in either residential or commercial buildings. Professional window tinting film is one of the best investments that you can make for either your residential or commercial building.


Sun Shield Window Tinting Film

Sun Shield is a window tinting film with an excellent track record of helping to reduce sun damage to interior walls, floors and furnishings of rooms protected by this window tinting film.



  • You say that you want privacy, so that you will be able to see out but that no one will be able so see in?

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a true one-way window or mirror. There will always be some vision into the light – looking out into daylight, or looking into a lighted room at night. There are many films which provide privacy and still allow ample daylight to pass through.

  • What are some of your window film privacy features?

    In this day and age, many folks are concerned that someone could simply look into garage windows and know when no one is home, or see tempting valuable tools and appliances, etc. Many homes have installed sun-rooms which have a lot of appeal, except that they find themselves on display when they want to relax. Another situation that is often overlooked is where the stairs going to the second floor are located just inside the front door area, and the sidelights and half moon windows over the doorway provide an open view to that part of the second floor, often, even from the sidewalk. Our decorative window film is the perfect solution for these situations.

  • Does window film insulate the windows?

    Window film will help to retain interior heat, but normally one thinks of glass insulation to include the framework where most of the air finds a way through. The glass film does not insulate against hot or cold drafts.

  • Does sun control window film provide any cold winter benefits?

    In the same manner that the sun’s heat is rejected from passing through the window glass to the interior of the room, the long range heat rays from furnaces and heaters are ‘bounced back’ into the room when they come against the window film on the glass. For example, if the exterior temperature were zero degrees, the glass would be very cold, too. The cold glass would chill the heat rays coming in contact with it. The film reflects the heat rays back into the room and act as an insulator between the glass and the interior.

  • I’ve heard that thermal pane (double glass) windows require special window film, is it available?

    Yes, light and medium density window film in the natural gray silver may be installed on thermal pane windows. Colored film such as bronze, etc. are not recommended.

  • What type of window film warranty do you offer?

    When SunShield installs the window film on residential windows and doors, there is both a factory and a company lifetime warranty against bubbling, window film cracking or crazing and dislodging, although window sizes over 40 square feet may not qualify for the lifetime warranty. Commercial windows are warranted for five years, although if you look at our client list on this site, many of our commercial film installations are 15 to 33 years old and still in place.

  • Is it difficult to install the window film on a do-it-yourself basis?

    Most residential window film installations of double hung, slider, picture windows and sliding glass doors are no problem for many homeowners. High windows, skylights and half-moon windows over doorways require more dexterity and patience, but many folks do their own film installations. Proper tools make the job easier and more professional looking.

  • Which window films are best to control fading of rugs, drapes and furniture?

    The sun’s UV fade rays are the biggest culprits causing fading. Regular lamps and indoor lighting can cause some fading. The good news is that all of our sun control films reject 99%+ of the UV fade rays of the sun. These rays cause 2/3 of the fading. Heat can cause another 25%. Medium density natural gray silver window film rejects approximately 65% of the heat. So control of all UV rays and another 16% of fading from heat, puts the homeowner in at about 80%+ fade control. Even clear film controls 65% of the fading.

  • Do all sun control window films make the windows look like mirrors from the outside?

    The most effective 80% heat rejection natural gray silver window film will look mirrored from the outside. The medium window film will look very shiny when the sun is directly on the window, but usually not any more than clean window glass will shine. The low density window film will hardly be noticeable from the inside or the outside. It rejects 45% of the heat, all of the UV rays and is usually not as darkening as most window screens.

  • What about cleaning and washing the windows over the window film?

    Our window films are scratch resistant. We recommend most residential window cleaning sprays and soaps, even vinegar and water. A spray bottle, rubber squeegee, and paper towels will ‘make the windows sparkle’.

  • Our problem is glare on the TV, the computer screen and just sitting in the breakfast nook surrounded by doors and windows, is there a solution?

    We like to think of our window film as sort of putting sunglasses on your windows. Depending upon the film density – dark, medium or light – the glare is controlled to same approximate percentages as the heat is rejected: Dense 78%, Medium 65%, light 45%.

  • Are there any safety advantages to sun control window film?

    All of our installed window films that are attached to the glass with built in transparent adhesive (as compared to static cling films) render the glass shatter resistant. It is much like how the windshield of an automobile upon impact will sort of ‘hang in there’ and not spew broken glass and shards all over the interior.

  • What is the difference between static cling film and the regular window film?

    Regular window film has a built-in clear adhesive. Once installed, it cannot be reused after it is removed. Static cling window film is applied with water and a little bit of liquid dishwasher soap. It may be removed and stored as often as you wish. Many installations are seasonal.

  • Are there any other benefits from sun control window film other than heat, glare and fade control, and safety from broken glass and privacy?

    Many homes and business like the exterior uniformity in appearance of the windows even though there may be a preference for a variety of shades, drapes and curtains, sometimes all in the same exterior view of the building.

  • And last, but not least, are there any financial benefits from the use of sun control window film?

    Absolutely, depending upon the type of air conditioning system and units, sun control window film can reduce cooling costs significantly. One example is where a business has to operate the air conditioning from early in the morning so that the personnel arriving for work at say 9AM will have a cool environment. The film could reduce the pre-cooling time and expense by as much as 50%. Then during the heat of the day, the premises will usually require less cooling when the sun’s rays direct through the windows is reduced. Even if there is central air conditioning, those who work near or in front of the windows will be able to work in a cooler comfort zone.


History of Sun Control Window Film
A spin-off benefit from our nation’s space program.

(Some 40 years ago) When the original NASA program contemplated sending men into space, one of the problems they faced was the varying temperature degrees that would be experienced in space. A space outfit would have been very bulky and awkward if it had to accommodate both heat and cold.

An enterprising company had a surprising solution. The company made the silver foil wrapping that is so familiar at Christmas time. The foil had a unique feature in that the silver ‘mirrored back’ the temperature to which it was exposed. It was only a short design step to make a space suit with ‘silvered’ lining that would reflect back body heat, and conversely, reject the exterior heat. It was a successful concept.

It was American ingenuity and imagination for an enterprising company to take the same concept and create a ‘silvered’ film to apply to windows. Viola! Excessive summer heat would be rejected and interior winter heat could be preserved.

Improvements to the concept included colored window film, decorative window film, stained glass window film, etc. Thank You, NASA!


Favorite Cities For Our Window Tinting Film

The following are some of the areas where we have supplied customers with our window tinting film:   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, San Antonio Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, Miami Florida, Phoenix Arizona, Denver Colorado, San Diego California, Los Angeles California, Sacramento California, and San Francisco California.


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